Thursday, September 4, 2014

Our Homestead Blog

We will be sharing about our newest adoptions from China on our homestead blog:
Hope to see you there!
In His Light and Love~
Goose and Gillian

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Initial Documents Are Done!!

All the initial documents we need in order to be submitted to China for preapproval are completed!!
We are budgeted to mail out the $250 application fee this Friday along with all the hard copies of our documents. Then some time next week the agency will put all our info into Chinas system. In 2-14 days after our information is submitted we will hear back as to whether China will give us a waiver for income and if so, if they will preapprove us for both little girls!
Please join us in praying for favor over our family during this process and most of all for the Lords will in it all.
Bless you all for your continued prayers!!
In His Light and Love~
Goose and Gillian

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sponsors Needed For the Fitz Family!!!

We need 77 sponsors who are willing to come along side our family in bringing home two precious toddler girls from China, both living with Down Syndrome.

We will ask that each sponsor be wiling to take part in our
Fitz Family 
 77 Envelope Fundraiser!!!
Here's how it works:
We will number envelopes 1-77.  Each sponsor will choose an envelope, any number 1-77, and agrees to make a donation to our adoptions in the amount listed on that envelope.
For example: the  sponsor that chooses envelope #50 agrees to donate $50 to our adoptions, envelope #1-$1 and so on. All the envelopes need to be filled and no amount is too small. To us the sponsor who chooses envelope #1 is just as much of a Blessing to our family as the sponsor who chooses #77. We need 77 people to come along side us.. each one matters and each one is a Blessing!!
You can also fundraise on our behalf in order to fill your sponsored envelope! Share our story and ask others to help you in coming along side us! Not only will you be helping to bring our two little girls homes you will also be helping us spread the word for special needs adoptions..
Let us know what envelope you would like to sponsor and we will mail it to you, self addressed and stamped. Put your donation into the envelope and drop it back in the mail.  Once we receive your donation we will mail out a "Thank you" envelope from our family that will include a small thank you gift along with a picture of our family and the little girls we are adopting!! 
Adoptive families see the daunting cost of adoption as the ransom we need to raise to give our children a family.. We have seen how the Lord uses beautiful hearts to raise the money needed and we are always humbled by those willing to come along side us in what He has called us to do..  
Bless you all for prayerfully considering becoming one of our 77 sponsors!!

Contact us at or on our facebook page with the envelope you would like to sponsor and we will take care of the rest!!
Bless you all for your prayerful consideration and  continued prayers!!
In His Light and Love~ Goose and Gillian

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

An Open Door..

When one door closes another opens.. We've seen it over and over. Thankfully we have learned, in all areas of our lives, not to give up.. So we keep trying..
 We know the Lord closed the door on us adopting from Haiti again but we have been looking since then for an other open door. We have looked at all our possibilities: embryo adoption, domestic special needs and international special needs. And recently we came upon an open door.. One that we thought was closed to us.
 Years ago we heard the story of the Chapmans, Steven Curtis and Mary Beth, and how they had adopted three little girls from China. Tragically they lost one little girl in an accident. The Lord used that loss to inspire the family to create Show Hope (an adoption advocacy and grant organization). Watching their story we really felt called to adopt from China but it just never seemed to work out  that way and the requirements for China were so strict we thought we'd never qualify.. Until recently..
We saw the picture of a precious little girl on Reeces Rainbow who lives with Down Syndrome but it was the name they were using for her that got my attention ( it holds a special place in my heart ) so we decided to call the agency that has her listed. When we did we learned about another little girl in her area the same age in the same city also living with Down Syndrome and also needing a family.
 This agency met all our criteria  and they explained that for the one area where we don't meet Chinas requirements it is likely that we could get a waiver based on the needs of the children.. We are still in awe and amazed that the Lord is opening a door that we thought would be closed to our family.  So we are stepping out in faith again..
Everything we have accomplished has been through Christ. He has also led us through times that we would have considered failures and closed doors but we know those times that it didn't work were preparing us for the time that it would.
We share our "successes" and our "failures" all for His glory.. As we step out in faith  we ask that you cover our family in prayer and pray for these sweet girls..  When we get the go ahead we will share their pictures. The names we will use to share the process will be the names our family has chosen for these two precious toddlers:
Meiling and Meadow
The agency has put their files on hold as we start to work on the application process. Just like anything we do we will take it one step at a time, in faith and pray for His will in it all..
Bless you all for your continued love, encouragement and support for our family.
We are truly Blessed and grateful for you all!!
In His Light and Love~ Goose and Gillian

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Embryo Adoption

We trust only in the Lords leading and His timing in all we do, that includes adding to our family. We felt He closed the door to us adopting again from Haiti but we know He is still calling us to adopt.
 One option we are prayerfully considering and stepping out in faith in is embryo adoption. We don't debate IVF and don't allow for unsolicited opinions but we are happy to share what we are learning so that others who may consider this option are informed too.
There are 600,000 frozen embryos in our country left over from IVF procedures or made by Drs for clinic use.. 
 There are clinics that will do a transfer of an existing embryo to an adoptive mother without  a homestudy for around $3,500. There are also placement agencies that handle the adoption like that of any other child with a cost of around $15,000.
Also within embryo adoption there are special circumstance embryos that tend to be overlooked because a sibling was born with special needs, or the bio mother has a genetic condition or because there is only one and many families prefer 2-3 embryos at least. 
Embryo adoption is a fairly new approach to adoption. We trust only in the Lord leading and timing and love and appreciate all the encouragement and support we receive from friends and family.
Bless you all for your continued prayers as we prayerfully consider how the Lord may call us to expand our family.
Praising His Name in Sprit and in Truth~ Goose and Gillian